Hello, I'm a Visual Designer
Specializing in UI and UX


My name is Dmitriy - I'm a visual designer with strong development skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery. Please take a look at my portfolio and my resume, which includes a more detailed list of my technical skills.

I have a BT degree in communication design as well as long term hands-on experience. I began my career as a traditionally taught graphic designer, but the lion share of my work today is centered around user interface design.

Project Inquiries

Are you interested in collaborating with me on your next design project?

To request an estimate for your project, please use this form to send a design brief and I will reply shortly.

New York City Stock Photography

My other great passion is photography. I've created a searchable stock photo collection of my commercial and editorial photography.

Visual Designer / Illustrator

Once in a while I create hand-drawn illustrations. Also, I like inventing stories and illustrate them. I have even created a few children's books.

Design Projects

This section is devoted to any projects I've worked on. Currently under construction, but very soon here will be a list of my other designs.

Experienced Graphic Designer

I am proficient in most applications of Adobe Creative Suite and other industry standard design software on both Mac and Windows OS.

Visual Designer New York

I'm a conceptual person who is able to generate new ideas, sketch, clarify, execute and bring them through to production.

Web Designer NYC

Besides visual design skills I have strong development skills in HTML, CSS, WordPress / PHP, and JavaScript / jQuery.

Web Interface Design NYC

I was formally trained in web and communication design and received a bachelor of technology degree form City Tech.